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The History
In 1992, after working for 15 years in the home schooling community and developing incredible techniques for processing that no one ever imagined would work, we were approached by a great number of parents with ADHD children whose school programs (public, private or home school) were failing their children.

Theories and techniques were flying left and right—about “different brains,” and visual versus auditory or kinesthetic learners. The kids were STILL failing to thrive, despite their accompanying IEPs. Parents of gifted students were facing the same problem. “Why does my child hate school, why am I paying a small fortune for tutors, and why is my child bored and unmotivated?”

The Solution
Conventional techniques are no longer enough; students need to be taught according to the way their brains function, and today’s students are a generation raised on technology. We found a way that technology can help students focus and function, rather than distract them: our High-Tech Speed Study System (HTS-3).

HTS-3 takes the boredom out of learning. Everything heard in a classroom lecture and found in reading materials is processed exactly the way a child processes a video game… through the hands. No child is ever bored or unfocused when playing a video game. Why? Neuropsychologists tell us it is because a different part of the brain is being used and the child is using his eyes, ears and hands… s/he is totally engaged.

The News
When we were speaking before a large group of psychiatrists, psychologists, and clinical psychologists about our techniques, a very kind neuropsychologist raised his hand. “Did you realize you BROKE THE CODE ON LEARNING?” No, we hadn’t. All we knew was this was the only way we found to aid learning for ADHD children.

The Application to Dyslexic, Dysgraphic, Gifted, Concussion Victims, Short-Term Memory Loss, and Other Learning and Executive Functioning Problems
One-third of the students in all public, private, or home school communities have these learning disorders. The difference at Cortona Academy is that we know what to do about it.

Not Just a School for Students with Problems
We don’t consider these qualities to be problems at all. At Cortona Academy there is absolutely no way for anyone to determine who is learning disabled and who is gifted… this is 100% unnecessary. These speed study and organizational techniques are taught in every class to every student. The result? No child is stigmatized for learning challenges. HTS-3 speeds learning and cuts homework time in half. Using HTS-3, Cortona students take our systems to college, grad schools and professional schools, often teaching it to their classmates and colleagues.

Now: 25 Years Later
For 25 years we have been applying, honing, and perfecting our techniques with nearly 1,800 students of all educational levels—and we have a documented a 100% success rate. There is no instant fix, especially for teenagers, but we’re not interested in anything temporary. We’re interested in changing their lives forever, and we do it. If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD and you’re looking for a private school near Fairfax, make sure to contact us today.


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