Mission Statement

Welcome! On behalf of my entire staff, I wish you great success on your courageous journey to improve your child’s education. Since 1992, we have been in Northern Virginia serving the entire D.C. Metro Area by providing the best, quality education for every student, in the most caring, respectful, stress-free environment.

Our Mission has never wavered: To Change the Face of American Education. Now, after beautifully altering nearly 3,000 futures, our goal is the same. Cortona Academy seeks to ensure that each and every one of your children reaches the highest level of their own potential. THIS is the ultimate, potential-based education, incorporating the American spirit of unlimited possibility.

We focus purely on what students CAN be. We help them realize their dreams, day-by-day, slowly and positively. This is done by providing great teachers and great courses as our students grow and thrive in our positive, reassuring environment. Those that need help receive it; those that can soar do so … there are no limits! This is America: Labels mean nothing here. What counts at Cortona Academy is effort and what CAN be accomplished in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

This is the essence of revolutionary, American education … to give everyone a shot at the “brass ring.” We offer every student a chance to improve, mature, and learn self-reliance. THIS is what is meant by “respect.” This is our Mission. We will never waiver and will always help you fight for your child’s future.

Sharon Peruzzi Strauchs

Director and Founder, Cortona Academy