At Cortona Academy, as parents, you have the choice to determine your child’s educational trajectory!   

About Cortona Academy Academics

All courses are AP LEVEL when required

DUAL ENROLLMENT is always available through NOVA and George Mason University (GMU)

NATIONAL AWARDS THROUGH CONGRESS;   Serving Grades 8 – 12 + through college

We have Sophomore, Junior and Senior year INTERNSHIPS, throughout the DC Metro Area !

Cortona Academy’s  CORE COURSES are reputed to be some of the best in the nation (transferrable nationally and internationally), but are taken when the student is actually ready for the course, rather than according to set-in-stone schedules.  Thus,  every curriculum is custom-designed for each student. 

 Cortona Academy offers EXTENSIVE ELECTIVES.  Our electives are created specifically according to your child’s wants and needs. Additionally, most electives come with the student’s own mentor.

Our Seminars

Cortona Academy offers a number of seminars open to students and parents:

College Search Seminar; College Counseling Parent Seminar; Open Heart Surgery Yearly Seminar; Medical Terminology & Health Seminar.

Flexibility & Freedom

Cortona Academy is a learning environment where students actually learn rather than get “pushed through the system.” We cater to your child’s needs to optimize their educational experience, guaranteeing them the opportunity to follow their dreams. Our philosophy is that education should be potential-based, encouraging your child to think critically and process information.

As parents, you are in control of your child’s educational future.

We accommodate your requests. We do not decide when your child graduates; you get to pick your child’s graduation date. We can go as fast or slow as you desire, so your child can receive a “Profoundly Different” education!

Sample of Our Core Courses

Course Descriptions Available Upon Request

All courses are Nationally and Internationally Accredited.

Classic Literature

American Literature

British Literature

World Literature

Special Topics in Literature

U.S. History

Social Civics

Art History

World History

World Geography

Career Studies





Basic Math


Algebra I

Algebra II



Calculus – Calculus AB; Calculus BC


Business Math

Personal Finance

General Science

Earth Science