A Talented Cortona Student:

Making it to the World Championship


One of our very own students, Lucas, at just 15, is competing in this year’s World of Dance championship against other talented dancers. Lucas is a very gifted, wonderful student and individual that Cortona Academy is happy to welcome into our family. 

Below you may find a clip of his amazing dance routine. We are all cheering for him!


Three Faces of Cortona Academy's Typical Student:

Which Child Is Yours?

Ava three faces of Cortona     Jason three faces of Cortona     Gaia three faces of Cortona

These three students are representative of the three different types of Cortona Academy students and as such, represent 90% of all Americans students.

One struggles with learning differences. In the 8th grade, she was not receiving the academic guidance and support that she needed from her former school to be able to, in her future, enter college. Over the last five years, Cortona’s team helped this student graduate, get into 14 colleges, with a minimum merit scholarship of nearly $90,000.

The second is a straight-A student in advanced classes, but over-stressed and feeling that teachers were only teaching to the SAT’s and SOL’s. This student did not feel like he could learn or excel, while exploring topics and internships that interested him. Cortona Academy gave him the freedom to do all of this and scheduled his classes around his George Washington University internship in nanotechnology.

The third represents 50% of the DC Metro Area, a student, though capable, not working to potential, or caring about future goals. As the quintessential, unmotivated student, she did not want to go to school for any reason other than social life. By teaching our hi-tech study organizational skills (HTS-3) and applying these to all her courses, she learned how to focus and take control of her own future.

With such a large percentage of our nation’s students falling under one of these three categories, educators and parents may be asking themselves, “How can we educate these students under one roof?” For the past 30 years, because of our level of our committed staff, level of courses, HTS-3 Systems and mission of Cortona Academy to provide the highest level education in the least stressful environment, at a reasonable price for ALL families, we masterfully have proven that THIS is the way to educate humanly and competently. In teaching valuable learning strategies for focusing and organizing, when combined with the value of the humanitarian spirit, students transform into happier, more self-confident individuals, thoroughly prepared to take the next great step in their lives.

Please click on the pictures above to read more about their stories.



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