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Event: Upcoming Open House for prospective parents.

The "Passions & Pitfalls of Homeschooling" Seminar

June 26, 2024

5:00-7:00 pm


Event: Upcoming Open House for prospective parents.  

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At Cortona Academy, fun and education are the same thing!

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Still accepting Fall 2024 Admissions, transfer students, grades 4 – 12!  Apply Now to enroll in the 2024-25 year!

2024/2025 Financial Aid

For Semester Transfers + Fall 2025 Applicants. All financial aid decisions are made within one day of the date that you submit your completed application. 

New Electives

Calling all athletes, academics, and creatives. Check out our new electives, we are now offering Tennis, Guitar, Book Binding, and Film Production classes!  At Cortona Academy, we work around your competitions!

Breaking News!

Seminar Special -  Onsite, Monthly

Seminar Special - Onsite, Monthly

“DYSLEXIA,” Your Child's Gift From Above”

How can this diagnosis be a positive? Cortona Academy’s acclaimed HTS-3 Systems of Processing and Organizing  Data catapults all students with verbal processing challenges.

Cortona’s Director, Sharon Peruzzi Strauchs, the developer of HTS-3 is offering seminars for parents of students in grades 4 – 12 that will explain precisely how the dyslexic brain sees differently, and why this is a HUGE benefit to your child…if properly applied to the child’s actual course work!

Unlike all standard therapies and educational systems offered for dyslexics in both schools and by private firms, Cortona Academy’s HTS-3 Systems are directly applied to all classes and all courses.  These proven systems create the basis for lifetime achievement, not just in junior and senior high school, but in college, graduate schools and professional schools.

Dyslexic children see, think, and learn “outside the box.” So must parents.

Members of the Class of 2023 Receive Record College Scholarships

Members of the Class of 2023 Receive Record College Scholarships

We are pleased to announce that members of the Cortona Academy Class of 2023 have had the astounding honor of being awarded a staggering amount of Merit based scholarships to the colleges that they were accepted into. Emma and Lee, have 15 college acceptances between them. They were award between $24,000 and $144,000 from the various colleges, to go towards their tuition. Cortona Academy prides itself on its ability to help its graduate’s pay for college via scholarship, focusing on building a well-rounded student, whom has a litany of activities and academic successes to warrant being award such prestigious scholarships. Says Director, Sharon Strauchs, “But it is more than that…We develop leaders for America’s future, confident, competent, kind young people.” Cortona’s success goes hand in hand with that of its graduates. The Academy honors its 2023 graduates and praises their success.



Cortona Academy's Ongoing Humanitarian Effort

Cortona Academy's Ongoing Humanitarian Effort

As part of Cortona’s 30-year mission to serve humanity, our “Mayfield, Kentucky Project” is commencing.  Our founder’s daughter is at Ground Zero volunteering for victims of the tornado. Those who wish to join us with donations, please contact Cortona Academy via our Website or Facebook page.  We will be posting throughout the vacation break ways for the public to join Cortona Academy and our students with the Mayfield Project. Or, please call Cortona Academy at 703-464-0034 and leave a message.  Someone from our team will contact you immediately. Thank you, Sharon Peruzzi Strauchs, Director.


Udvar-Hazy Here We Come!

Udvar-Hazy Here We Come!

Cortona Academy will be attending family day at the Udvar-Hazy. The event is dedicated to Judy Resnick, who attended Carnegie Mellon University with our director, Sharon Strauchs. Resnick died in the infamous Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. Students and their families will watch the documentary, “The Dream is Alive” (1985). The documentary features a scene that shows Strauchs and her family watching the launch. Cortona is committed to educating our students in the field of STEM, which is why we will continue to participate in the USA Science & Engineering Festival next week.

Academic Highlight

Because we help students reach their individual educational potential, Cortona Academy graduates have been awarded $1.336 million in merit college scholarships, surpassing all other schools on the East Coast. At Cortona Academy, Students Receive Between 40K and 160K in Merit Scholarships!

About Cortona Academy

Consider the question most parents are asking, “When do we get our lives back?” As parents, you are facing difficult and daunting decisions in regard to the coming school year.

Now, it’s time to give children the education they deserve. We guarantee to maintain our excellent, stress-free education for Cortona Academy students, including for those children with learning differences, giftedness, athletes, artists, musicians and our “everyday wonderful” young people. They need us, and we need them.

Cortona Academy Education does NOT just occur in a classroom.

We do what most parents do not have the time to do: Show their children the artistic, cultural, scientific and technological venues in the DC Metro Area.

Yearly, we schedule an average of 15 – 20 trips!

Planning for 2023 Space Camp Huntsville, Alabama

A Profound Difference Cortona Academy Compared to

National Franchises & Other Private Schools

  • Stable Staff with College Professors choosing to devote their lives to our students
  • Brilliant, yet kind and understanding professors
  • Team Approach
  • Our teachers hold Master’s or PhD’s in their field of teaching, with an average of 24.3 years of teaching experience
  • We ensure students’ rights are respected throughout their ENTIRE education
  • GROUP + 1/1, a one-of-a-kind education in the DC Metro Area, average 4 students per class!
  • Internships…INVALUABLE! Now, during college, and beyond
  • A fun-filled, daily, stress-free environment with regular field trips
  • Acclaimed HTS-3 Study Systems taught in every, single course
  • Nationally and Internationally Accredited Curriculum
  • Cortona’s Humanitarian Focus keeps our students totally involved in the world at-large
  • Not a franchise! Cortona Academy has a 30 year history of superior performance for students in grades 4th – 12th in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area
  • We own our own facility
  • No extra charges for Study Halls, PSAT/SAT Prep Courses, or National Award Programs
  • Set Tuition, with up-front costs, not course-by-course “trial”

Unlike National Franchises & Other Private Schools...

Cortona Academy provides an unparalleled approach to college preparation by using a proprietary teaching process, honed over its 30 years history. We work with a tenured staff of professional educators personally committed to each enrolled student’s success and happiness. Enrollment in Cortona is a process ensuring both student achievement and parent confidence. When our success blueprint is embraced and supported by dedicated parents, students achieve the goals we jointly establish. At graduation, we revel at the levels of accomplishment achieved by our graduates, all who reach their utmost potentials and enter great colleges…WITH SCHOLARSHIPS!

Our Blogs Sneak Peak

  • Learn how Cortona Academy’s High-Tech Study Systems (HTS-3) have conquered  and mitigated ADHD!
  • By: Cortona Academy Director and Founder, Sharon Strauchs
  • Eleven percent of all U.S Children ages 4 – 17 years are diagnosed with ADHD.
  • What are the other options to medication and special education classes
  • Read “ADHD – Beyond the Pill” to learn more!
  • HTS-3 Systems is applied to all Cortona Academy classes
  • HTS-3 increases focus; decreases stress
  • Pressure-Free Enhanced Learning Environment

Cortona Academy is a Gifted Program For ALL Students,

Including Those With ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Etc…

Gifted students are oftentimes the ones who are put under the most stress to be “perfect.” Our HTS-3 study and organization system removes stress and elevates your child!

Coming Soon to Our Blog

1.  HTS-3  the “Great Equalizer”

Learn about our PROVEN study and organization system that eases stress for all, both for the gifted as well as challenged, catapulting each to their own, specific level of potential.  This is potential-based, not competitive-based education!

After all, this is America.  Why shouldn’t every, single person have a shot at “The Brass Ring”?  

2. “Dyslexics will Conquer the World!”

We have found that our dyslexic students are the best engineers and artists at Cortona Academy. Our dyslexics are absolutely amazing in their ability to innovate and create.