Cortona Academy students at Library of Congress

Teachers and staff work with students to reach their individual educational potential.


To that end, we teach our own, high-tech study and organizational techniques ( HTS-3) in all courses in order to ensure high school and future college success.

These unique, proven processing and retrieval learning techniques reduce student stress in studying, reduce homework time, and improve test taking and writing skills

“The idea is simple. Just help them when they make mistakes, allow them time to develop their own interests and guide them toward reaching their dreams. There is no failure here. This class of 2021 proves that potential-based education actually works.”

Sharon Peruzzi Strauchs

Director and Founder, Cortona Academy

Up To

Thousand in Merit Scholarships, Per Student, Since 2009

Tutoring and Consulting Services

Our professors offer their superior services to non-Cortona Academy students after school, on weekends and during the summer. If your child is struggling in high school courses at the local public or private school, it is often possible to transfer our courses to your student’s high school transcript.

Special Programs

At Cortona Academy, our programs cater to a myriad of students. Call us to find out how we can best serve your child.

We found a way that technology can help students focus and function, rather than distract them: our High-Tech Speed Study System (HTS-3).

Summer Camps and Courses, 2023

Jump Start Classes!

For students wanting to excel in the fall by having face-to-face teachers start them on the next level (placement testing required).

Our Core Courses

Learn more about our core courses.

At Cortona Academy, as parents, you have the choice to determine your child’s educational trajectory! Our philosophy is that education should be potential-based, encouraging your child to think critically and process information.

Elective Programs and Courses

At Cortona Academy, we offer two types of electives: student created elective courses and a fusion of history, culture, art, and literature.

Programs Catered for Busy Schedules

Cortona Academy has specialized programs for athletes, performers, travelers, and competitors, including NCAA students.

Students can still get a superior education while pursuing their dreams! We don’t make them choose, we do both!

  • Average 4:1 Student to teacher ratio or one-on-one courses (Oxford-like)
  • Accelerate, graduate early, do two years in one, or re-do poor grades
  • Complete college-prep curriculum
  • Earn transferable college credit while in high school – student’s final year can be a combination of high school and college-credit courses, without the student having to take any AP exams
  • No SOL’s for Virginia students
    • Complete college-prep curriculum
    • 100 hours SAT prep classes for all juniors and seniors – free
    • Year-round private tutoring for non-Cortona students, including PSAT/ SAT prep courses
    • “Reading the Classics” courses for 7th – 10th graders, plus main curriculum
    • GT, LD & ADHD support and programs on-site
    • Courses for gifted students
    • Computer geniuses welcome


        Graduation Rate

        Prospective Family


        Weekly Information Sessions

        Weekly from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM These are wonderful chances for prospective parents to get to know our program, meet current staff members, students and parents. We’ll introduce you and your family to  stress-free learning that is challenging, inspirational and motivational, and unsurpassed in the DC Metro area.

        Weekly Director Breakfast

        Analyze the positives of private education. All programs look good on the internet, learn to distinguish the hype from reality to get the best, reliable, STRESS-FREE education for your child.

        Prospective Family

        Educational Events

        College Preparation & Planning

        Junior and Senior High School Preparation and Planning for parents of 6th to 11th graders who want College Education PAID FOR!

        College Essay Boot Camp

        Complete Your College Essay in One Week! Learn helpful skills that will make your essay stand out from the rest.

        High-Tech Study Skills Workshop

        Harness the power of your technology! Gain Study Skills, Stay on Task, and Get Organized. Workshop for grades 4th – 12th.