ADHD School in Northern Virginia

The Source

Since 1992, Cortona Academy has been specializing in educating ADHD students. Since we opened our doors, ADHD has been increasing rapidly in America. The total number of Americans with ADHD was at 7.8 percent in 2003; it rose to 11 percent in 2011. Shockingly just five percent of ADHD students graduate college, compared to 41% of non-ADHD students.i The steady rise demands new teaching methods to cope with the way the ADHD brain functions.

Students ADHD

Parents are always asking the same questions, “Why does my child hate school? How will they ever graduate from college?”

The Remedy

Cortona Academy has discovered that students need to be reached with new methods. Our HTS-3 Speed Study System at Cortona helps ADHD students stay focused on their course material. Class lectures and homework gives them a way to focus, as if they are locked into a video game console. We have found it has cut down on homework time by seventy-five percent. Over the years we’ve honed our methods to reach these students and prepare them for college. These are study skills they can use for the rest of their academic lives.


At Cortona Academy we do not distinguish between learning disabled and gifted students. All our students are taught the same great study methods. They’re all treated as gifted students; additionally, our small class sizes allow for individual attention. There is no bullying and students report finding renewed interest in school work.

The Issue

The U.S. Federal Government spends more than 3.9 billion dollars per year in providing Special and Handicapped Education for public schools. Much of this money is spent on ADHD students, who are often placed into special education programs. Every student diagnosed with ADHD or a learning disability has the legal right to a fair and equal education to their peers. Thus, in just about every public school there is a special education department with materials and specially-trained teachers. The government is funding teacher training and special education devices and systems. There should be great results, correct?

Sadly, the numbers of those with learning disabilities and especially those with ADHD who continue to fail in America is staggering. The question must be asked: Why is the government’s investment of 3.9 billion dollars, if the results are so poor, not insuring the success of these individuals? These devices and systems solve these issues, correct? If special education dollars being spend for students as well as teach training was worth 3.9 billion dollars, why are so many of these students continuing to drop out of high school and college? In fact, for the amount of money being spent, why is America not number one in the world in terms of education? Instead, the United States ranks 14th globally among developed countries,ii 38th out of 71 in math and 24th out of 71 in science (Pew, 2015)iii.

Progress with HTS-3 and ADHD

All Cortona Academy courses have an HTS-3 component, all students (whether or not learning disabled or ADHD) use HTS-3, and not just for the humanities courses, but also for the science and math courses. Each course has a special HTS-3 blueprint. The student follows this structure to process the course material in the book, in the classroom lecture, and in his/her outside research. These ADHD “blueprints” can be done for every single textbook in America. All the student has to do is follow the template, which we teach at Cortona Academy!

The most salient feature of HTS-3 is that memorization and homework hours are cut dramatically and that with the push of a button, drafts of paper are written! No one but Cortona Academy has these systems in America, nor have they been applied to certain types of new computers that are scheduled to be released into the market as early as next year. Only at Cortona Academy can this happen for ADHD students before they reach college. Additionally, we use real books, held in their hands. ADHD students often have an extremely difficult time processing online courses or books.

Rewiring the brain?

Inasmuch as Cortona’s HTS-3 Systems have shown that those with ADHD do not have these symptoms when using these systems, it is only logical that people with other, brain-related disabilities or damage can benefit from these systems. On the junior and senior high school level, these Cortona HTS-3 Systems have been critical in helping many students who have suffered sports-related concussions.

How Miracles Happened for ADHD Students at Cortona Academy

Since 1992, all students with ADHD have thrived, not just at our school, but throughout college and beyond. Once these simple systems are perfected, they can be applied to any program. The “miracle” is that when HTS-3 is used for our junior and senior high school students, the level of anxiety and stress that most of them reported when in their previous schools was either entirely deleted, or greatly diminished. The “miracle” is that these same students again begin to not just thrive in their schoolwork, they become again the happy, confident children their parents once knew.