Our typical school year runs from September to May, just like most private schools in the Washington area.

Unlike Other Private Schools

We have a rolling admissions policy and can accept students throughout the school year. This said, obviously it is always better to start at the beginning of a year. However, in many situations, especially those in which students start the school year out very well but by mid-year or third quarter are doing very poorly, a parent has a serious choice to make: either allow the child to continue to flounder, risking college acceptances and scholarships and, more importantly, risking the child’s self-esteem, or make a better decision for their child. Thus, we can and do welcome mid-year transfers from other schools and can even re-do the courses for the entire school year and still finish by the end of June, saving your child from poor grades and even worse self-esteem.

A Family-Centered Program

Our extreme flexibility allows students to redo poor transcripts, make up an entire year, do two years in one, take college credit courses, or continue during the summer. Our dedicated staff is here 12 months a year, although most students are not. No other public or private program in the Washington Capital Area provides this type of dedication and flexibility for your child and your family.

This flexibility during the school year allows you to travel with your child or take your child with you to any important family events without interrupting their education. Most importantly, this policy is extended to any or all students who may get ill or have a family emergency, and we will work our schedule around your child’s job or internship.