Cortona Academy


Cortona Academy Combines the Best of Homeschooling with the Best of Private Schooling

I work for you, you don’t work for me.

Sharon Peruzzi Strauchs

Founder and Director, Cortona Academy

Call today to learn about partial scholarships for qualifying homeschoolers, grades 4 – 12!

To qualify you must have homeschooled your 4th – 11th grade child for one year or more!

Why Cortona Academy is Right for You

At Cortona Academy, we know that as parents you want to have autonomy over your child’s educational future. Here, we accommodate the needs and aspirations of you and your child. We put the power of education back in your hands.


Our parents get to determine their child’s graduation date. If they want their child to graduate early, we fast track the curriculum; if they want their child to graduate at a later date, we slow down the pace of our courses.


Our founder, Sharon Peruzzi Strauchs, was one of the first homeschoolers in the nation and established herself as a trailblazer in educational rights when she advocated for legislation that legalized homeschooling in Virginia. Strauchs’ experience in homeschool means that she made all the mistakes so that you don’t have to.


At Cortona Academy, we know what works. We know how to ensure your child’s educational future. All of our transcripts are accredited (both nationally and internationally) and accepted by colleges and universities. Let us help you.


Come see what we can do for you. Cortona Academy is, in essence, the place for all students, especially for homeschoolers.


Cortona Academy marks the end of your quest for a kind, supportive, competent education!