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Launching a New Way to Educate

By Tina Tuminella, February 11, 2022 When Sharon Peruzzi Strauchs founded Cortona Academy in northern Virginia 30 years ago, she began with some very specific core principles: It might not seem like groundbreaking criteria, but this proprietary teaching process Sharon has honed over three decades has resulted in much success over the years. Read more here:,biofeedback%20techniques%20to%20study%20skills

Educational Programs

Teachers and staff work with students to reach their individual educational potential. To that end, we teach our own, high-tech study and organizational techniques ( HTS-3) in all courses in order to ensure high school and future college success. These unique, proven processing and retrieval learning techniques reduce student stress in studying, reduce homework time, …

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Throughout high school I’ve always had a struggle with academics. During my junior year at my old high school I was dealing with a lot of stress and personal issues that ended up affecting me emotionally and academically. I lost a lot of hope in myself, not believing I could work towards the future I wanted …

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When I started at Cortona Academy I was unsure of myself as a student. I was not really sure what I wanted out of my education, or where I was headed with it. Cortona helped me focus, all while encouraging me through some really tough classes. The small class sizes really helped me be able to …

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Heart Operation at LaFraque Observation Deck

Cortona Academy’s new year started out with one of the most imcredible experiences that ANY of our students or parents could ever imagine, witnessing, LIVE, an open-heart surgery! Cortona’s 2020 Field Trip Year started on January 20th at Inova Fairfax Hospital where we observed surgery at the LaFraque Observation Deck, “The Dome.” This was the 20th open-heart …

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The Art of Negotiation, How to Avoid Return-to-School Angst

By, Sharon Peruzzi Strauchs DC Metro Area in August. Cicadas sing louder than ever signally the end of summer for many anxious parents wrapping up last-minute vacations while preparing for the inevitable ring of the school bell. Children begin to plan lunchtime rendezvouses with old and new friends, create new locker designs, even order wall …

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