When I started at Cortona Academy I was unsure of myself as a student. I was not really sure what I wanted out of my education, or where I was headed with it. Cortona helped me focus, all while encouraging me through some really tough classes. The small class sizes really helped me be able to get to know my teachers, and learn everything I could from them. Cortona enabled me to learn how to organize myself, keep myself on track, and meet the goals that I had set for myself. Learning in an environment that is both stress-free and calm has made a huge difference in my high school experience. I was able to meet the challenges set forth by my teachers in a really healthy mindset. I count myself lucky to have spent the last few years at Cortona Academy. I am a much better student because of it. All the skills and techniques that Cortona has given me will come with me to college, and I know they will help me succeed.

Andrew Klein – Class of 2020