Educational Programs

Special Programs PicsTeachers and staff work with students to reach their individual educational potential. To that end, we teach our own, high-tech study and organizational techniques (HTS-3) in all courses in order to ensure high school and future college success. These unique, proven processing and retrieval learning techniques reduce student stress in studying, reduce homework time, and improve test taking and writing skills

  • Average 4:1 Student to teacher ratio or one-on-one courses (Oxford-like)
  • Accelerate, graduate early, do two years in one, or re-do poor grades
  • Complete college-prep curriculum
  • programs2100 hours SAT prep classes for all juniors and seniors – free
  • Earn transferable college credit while in high school – student’s final year can be a combination of high school and college-credit courses, without the student having to take any AP exams
  • “Reading the Classics” courses for 7th–8th graders, plus main curriculum
  • Computer geniuses welcome
  • No SOL’s for Virginia students
  • 100% acceptance to four-year colleges & universities
  • Since 2007, an average $40,000 – $110,000 academic merit-based scholarships awarded to all graduating seniors applying to 4-year colleges