Since 1992, Cortona Academy has been a revolutionary, Northern Virginia Private School for 7th through 12th grade gifted, talented, and out-of-the-box  learners serving students  desiring superior, accredited  education in a stress-free environment.  Small classes, expert professors, flexible STEM + Classical Education and “self-made students” are what distinguishes us. Graduates enjoy 100% college acceptances, all with merit scholarships.  Come and see what 25 years of experience can do for your child.  Partnerships with homeschool families available.



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Rolling Admissions

Cortona Academy's rolling admissions helps for an easy transition for both your child and you.

100% College Acceptance

Cortona Academy helps to instill a love of learning that will pass beyond their years with us and into college.


Our 'Easy-Does-it' approach helps to teach your children the basics of STEM without the debilitating stress.

The Arts

Cortona Academy's Performing & Fine Arts program allows your child to build excellent, confidence, creativity, and communication skills.

Unique Approach

There is no failure at Cortona Academy, our teacher work one-on-one with your child in order to help them succeed and get the most out of their time here at Cortona.


Our State of the art facility was designed with your child in mind, technology and resources abundant to help your child learn and thrive.

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  • Testimonial #1

    Before I came to Cortona Academy I attended Lake Braddock Secondary School, in Burke, VA. At Lake Braddock I was a total mess, completely disregarding all the potential that I had by associating with individuals whose interests were not commensurate with the future I desired for myself. My parents, more…

    Nick Anderson, Student
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