Why Invest?

Hi-Tech High School Northern VAWould you hesitate to enroll your student in a SAT or ACT prep class? Most families in the D.C. Area are spending tens of thousands for prep classes that are FREE for your Cortona Academy child. If you consider that college acceptance and tuition discounts often hinge on these scores, you would no doubt think a prep class a worthy expense. Exactly the same logic applies to paying for Cortona’s private education, only the impact is so much more substantial – your child’s FUTURE, both in college as well as post-college! AND, your future financial burden for college can be greatly diminished!

Do you realize that Cortona Academy students have an amazing 100% college acceptance rate? This is true even for students entering Cortona Academy with difficult or less-than-perfect secondary school transcripts. Equally as important to your pocketbook and financial planning for college is the fact that Cortona graduates are awarded college academic scholarships that average a year or more of college tuition! (40K – 110K) But, beyond the acceptances and financial issues, Cortona students are able to leave the stress and pressure of their previous school situations, receive a world-class education, conclude high school with possibilities that they never thought achievable, and receive significant academic scholarships. Can other public or private schools do this? We have no data or evidence in the last 10 years that this is happening anywhere in the D.C. Area, except at Cortona Academy.

The Pleasure of Possibilities
At Cortona Academy, we all take great pleasure in our compelling mission of providing these possibilities for all our students. We don’t pick, choose, and label.” Everyone here has a chance at the “Brass Ring.” Why should your child not be one of the chosen? For these reasons, financial aid and scholarships at Cortona Academy are available helping to make this a truly affordable, life-changing experience for your family, too. Come and visit us, and take the first step towards achieving a happier family life as you FINALLY see your child enjoy success.