Terms & Conditions

Cortona Academy’s Summer Camp program is designed to provide enriching, hands-on activities and academic courses in a stress-free and fun environment. Course attendance or participation does not guaranty proficiency or measurable improvement in any future endeavor. Students do not receive credit or certification in any subject from any education entity or government agency.

We understand that sometimes students sign-up for projects for which they lose interest quickly. In such a case, we will allow them to move into another available project session, as their interest dictates.

No refunds once tuition is paid. In the event of an extreme unforseen circumstance beyond our control, or “Act of God,” there will be no adjustment of tuition.

Terms, conditions, camp schedules and tuition subject to change.

We reserve the right to cancel any camp week or any subject or project period offered within a camp week due to insufficient attendance or unforseen circumstances. In such a case of canceling a camp week, all monies will be refunded.

Once registration is received, applicant may not re-schedule sessions. No refunds or adjustments for missed sessions for any reason.

Attendance: Students enrolled in camp sessions must have parent, guardian, or other designated driver sign them in at front desk upon arrival and sign them our when departing.

Student Behavior: All attendees must follow basic guidelines of courtesy and respect: no foul or abusive language, no running or horseplay, no theft or destruction of camp or personal property, and follow all teacher’s instructions. Any student who violates these guidelines may be asked to leave the camp program. In such cases, there is no refund of tuition.

Medical Release: All students must have a Medical Consent, Directive & Release Form on file, which must be submitted by parent with final tuition payment.

Medical Policy: Cortona Academy reserves the right to seek immediate medical attention for your child, if necessary, whether or not parents can be immediately reached for authorization.

Medication Policy: Students may not bring prescription or non-prescription drugs on the premises.

Photo & Video Policy: Parents agree that Cortona Academy may take photographs and videos of participants and activities for advertising and promotional use.

Non-Solicitation / Non-Disclosure Policy: Parents or students may not engage the services of any Cortona Academy employee or vendor for tutoring, teaching, or other contractual services. All teaching materials, methods, and techniques remain the intellectual property of Cortona Academy. During the course of summer camp sessions, certain trade secrets, creative concepts, ideas, inventions, or proprietary information may be made known. Students or parents may not disclose or divulge this information either for their benefit or the benefit of others, without Cortona Academy’s express written permission. In case of such breach of either the Non-Solicitation or Non-Disclosure Policy, Cortona Academy’s interests will be irreparably injured, the extent of which is impossible to ascertain, therefore equitable relief shall be sought in the appropriate court of law. Any legal action brought to enforce any claim arising from these policies shall be brought in the court of appropriate jurisdiction in the Commonwealth of Virginia.