Technology at Cortona

Hi-Tech Education is Essential

Northern VA Hi-Tech Education | Hi-Tech Education Northern VATechnology is ubiquitous in our world. From academia to everyday life, computers, tablets, mobile phones, and their applications have reinvented almost every common process. In school, teachers are using Dropbox, demanding that essays and spreadsheets be submitted digitally, and that students use email and social media to work together. Programs like the Microsoft Office Suite, collaborative software like Google Sheets & Docs, academic programs like Blackboard, and countless databases are part and parcel of a student’s life. We believe that students shouldn’t just be literate in these technologies, they should beĀ experts.

Proficiency with technology is not enough, it is the standard. Advanced knowledge of user interfaces within programs allow users to leverage these softwares to their advantage; making them more efficient, agile, and prepared. Even standardized testing has gone digital, and Cortona students find themselves ready to tackle online tests when the time comes. Our hi-tech high school has a curriculum that is circumspect in scope, but based in the modern tech that we’ve all come to use both personally and professionally.

If your child seems to have an unhealthy dependence on social media or video games, a positive introduction to the benefits of professional and academic excellence with digital technology can be a gateway to a more stable relationship with the web. Cortona students who formerly relied on video games or social media for entertainment have shown a pattern of development that teaches them how to use their skills to improve their academic standing. By growing as young adults, they also tend to segment their time more effectively and break the cycle of addiction.