Cortona Academy STEM: The Meeting of Technical Ability, Course Mastery, and Creativity

Technical Ability

Math and Science are at the Core.

Mathematics and science are the cornerstones of all STEM courses, and the basis of all STEM career fields. As a house is not built without first laying a strong foundation, careers in Science, Technology, Math, Engineering, Medicine, Computer Science, Software Development, and other related fields all start with rigorous science and math courses. For the past 26 years Cortona Academy is the ONLY program in the DC Metro Area teaching some of the BEST math and science courses in the country! With 26 years of experience, long before most people were even aware of the vast importance of STEM, we have been consistently refining our courses to meet the growing demand for excellence.

Course Mastery

PhD Instructors WITH EXTENSIVE TEACHING EXPERIENCE teaching on all levels!

Because of the premium quality of our AP level courses, it is imperative for parents to understand when choosing a school for their student that Cortona Instructors absolutely know how to teach adolescents, are experts in their specific fields, industry professionals and highly-experienced teachers. Only Cortona Academy has such instructors with PhDs who have taught for Cortona Academy for 10 – 15 years! These devoted teachers make the difference between Cortona’s STEM program (developed over 26 years) and all others.

However, not every student has to be a genius in math and science to love STEM. Therefore, because of our experience, Cortona is able to offer BOTH HIGH SCHOOL and COLLEGE-LEVEL STEM COURSES. To our knowledge, Cortona Academy is the only program with such respect for individual difference and student dreams that offers this. Great STEM teachers, great courses, and encouragement for every, single student is Cortona’s winning commitment and the way we changed STEM education.

P.S.A.T, S.A.T, and SUBJECT AREA TESTS = Everyone needs to focus on this.

Colleges look at THESE scores as a critically major factor in their acceptance decisions. The Cortona Academy STEM program is crucial in preparing students for exams such as the PSAT, SAT, and the all-important Subject Area Tests. Few can pass these without both SUPERIOR math and science courses and teachers.

Not everyone wants to or can do the college-level courses, but for those who wish to go above and beyond, this is the place to be.

Creativity, the Core of ENGINEERING and TECHNOLOGY

More Than Simply 1st Robotics

In tandem with our students gaining expertise in math/science with our amazing team and courses, our Technology and Engineering Center helps students fly! At Cortona Academy, our STEM projects originate from our students’ interests, ideas, creations, and dreams. No student at Cortona Academy has to join a team or organization in order to win college scholarships. Instead, Cortona provides both on and off-site technical and engineering programs to foster our students’ internships and mentors. On-site, multi-faceted group projects, as well as individual projects are proposed, refined, and then executed so that the student’s concepts and designs are realized.

When specific technologies, materials, or background resources are required, Cortona Academy provides these. We challenge all to find a school that extensively invests in students’ specific interests, allowing them to create what they previously had only imagined.

Presenting students with the opportunity to work on unique projects that they themselves conceptualized and see the projects to completion, is an extremely rare phenomenon, even in the professional or college settings. The value of this experience is evident as students emerge with a sense of accomplishment, direction, and teamwork that they can utilize in their higher education pursuits and ultimate careers.

Creative Technology
Engineering Center
Replicator Technician