Prospective Students – Herndon, VA

High School with Rolling Admissions in Herndon, VA

prospective studentsCortona Academy is a school where students prepare for a new future. For the past 23 years, we have provided an education that many have only dreamed about.

We make sure our students achieve their dreams. This should be the main goal of every school in America. Many schools promise this, but at Cortona Academy, we deliver it.

We provide a curriculum developed around what students need to succeed: teachers who care, an administration that listens, students who work as a team, no one competing, and everyone helping each other. We look at a student’s potential and do not judge on past performance from other public or private schools.

At Cortona Academy, students use technology to increase the ability to read quicker, comprehend better, do homework more efficiently, and make learning a lot more fun. Our staff shares how inventions and technology can catapult learning.

At our school, students have a voice in all projects, trips, events, and parties. Every school year is unique in its own way. Each year becomes one amazing journey, depending upon the hopes and dreams of the student body for that particular year. When was the last time your really had a voice in your education? Here, you’ll learn skills in using that voice so that you can work and plan with others.

Our testimonials by former students, parents and staff offer valuable insight into what you can gain by attending Cortona Academy. Our goal is to help all our students reach their true potential by nurturing and molding their talents, skills, and character. It is our belief that doing so helps our students grow into self-assured, independent scholars who are able to go out into their community and really make a difference. By focusing on small class size, teacher-student relationships, community service opportunities, and a curriculum fitted to your needs and abilities, we hope you will see what is absolutely unique about us, and what we can offer your child. Please call us at 703.464.0034 with any questions.