Field Trips Programs

Cortona Academy offers a number of field trips. For example, we take students to local restaurants several times a year, where they lunch with some of the most recognized experts in the DC Area in the fields of art, drama, technology, literature, music, and inventions. This enhances our students’ appreciation of these specialized fields and exposes them to future career options. It’s also a great way for our students to choose their personal, private mentors from the DC Metro area at large. Often these mentors follow our students through college and beyond.

We also take field trips to visit the many outstanding educational and cultural resource institutions in DC, such as the opera, local theatres, interactive scientific and cultural exhibits, technology demonstrations, and trips to New York City.

If the student body chooses, we offer trips to earn Congressional Award high school credits in several cities in Italy including Rome, Venice, Florence, Pompeii, and Cortona.

All trips and special events change each year. Our students and parents decide where they’d like to go and Cortona Academy is here to facilitate their hopes and dreams.

White House Christmas Trip

White House Christmas Trip 2012


Air and Space Museum in DC, May 2013