Principle Professors of Cortona Academy

Sharon Strauchs, Director, Lead Professor

Background:  B.A.  Carnegie-Mellon University

                           M.Ed.  George Mason University

                           Ph.D.   Credits towards Ph.D., ongoing

Years both Teaching and Administrating at Cortona Academy:  30

Subjects Taught:  All Language Arts, Writing, SAT Prep

        “I remain at Cortona Academy because our program literally saves students’ educations and lives.  Our revolutionary approach has altered  American education.  We are all leaders in our respective fields and are a positive, supportive force in each of our student’s lives.  My staff is brilliant, kind, and fighters for ALL our students.   I cannot wait to get to work each day to be with this amazing, courageous dedicated staff.”  

  Dr. Ed B.

Background:         B.A. (Chemistry and Mathematics);

M.A. (Philosophy)

Ph.D. (Philosophy)

Years on staff: 18

Subjects taught, present and past:  Math, General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Philosophy

Why I teach at Cortona Academy:  “Teaching at Cortona provides the best way to teach, with the best  teachers.”


Amber D.

Background:        B.A. (History)

B.A. (Art History)

M.A. (European History)

Ph. D. (Candidate-British Culture & History)

Years here: 14

What do I teach: US History, Geography, World History, Social Civics, Art History

Why Cortona: “I teach here because I feel I can truly make a difference in the lives of my students and foster a relationship that will help them become well-rounded humans.”


Dr. D

Background:         M.S.    (Mathematics)

Ph.D.  (Doctorate in Mathematics)

M.St.  (Masters in Statistics)

M.Ed. (Masters in Education)

M.B.A.(Masters in Business Administration)

What do I teach: All Mathematics Grade 7 through Calculus A/B & B//C and Statistics

Years here: 7

Why I teach at Cortona Academy: “I teach here because I love teaching math and at this Academy the environment is friendly and congenial.”



Mr. Daniel E.

Background: B. S. (Biological Science)

What do I teach: General Science, Earth Science and Biology

Years here: 1st Year

Why do I teach at Cortona Academy: “I am the newest member of the Cortona staff. I was      immediately impressed with the ability at this academy to stay open (due mostly to their small   size and compliance with mitigation protocols) during the pandemic and their uncompromising view that students should not be allowed to fall behind.  Cortona Academy provides a safe,   personalized, and supportive learning environment in which students can thrive and set their       sights on higher education.”


Mark M.

Background:         B.S. (Aerospace and Ocean Engineering)

M.S. PH (Public Health with a concentration in biostatistics)

Years here: 3

What do I teach: Earth Science, Chemistry, Biology, Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Statistics

Why do I teach at Cortona Academy: “Unlike public and many other private schools, Cortona Academy insists it’s students do what it takes to learn and succeed, and helps them do so.”


Dr. Pam S.

Background:     M. S. (Mathematics)

Ph. D. (Physics)

Years here: 16

What do I teach: Physics, Math, SAT

Why do I teach at Cortona Academy: “I play my part in an Institution making a difference in  education.”