Northern VA Technology High School Cortona Academy was founded 26 years ago in order to serve students who benefit from small classes or one-on-one Oxford-like courses/private sessions when they find difficulty with a new process, concept, or subject, or when they wish to accelerate. We recently moved to an exciting 14,000 square foot location in Herndon, Virginia. It is a premiere institution of hi-tech learning. Students may progress at their optimal speed, and even choose to earn college credits to limit their need for the first two years of a four year college. This is 100% the students’ choice, not the choice of a teacher or administrator.

Community and Social Environment: Cortona Academy is more than just a school to our students. We are a connected community of educators and parents, all working together to help students achieve their dreams, and in the meantime, have fun.

We have superb social and motivational programs to develop students’ resumes for college. We encourage and assist our students in earning National Awards from Congress. We work with students to find internships, professional mentors and sponsors, especially during vacations breaks and summers.

By doing these things for your child, we have a 100% rate of acceptance into four-year colleges and universities, all with at least partial scholarships. We know of no educational program on the East Coast that can match our track record.