Sharon Peruzzi StrauchsMessage From The Director

Welcome to Cortona Academy. If you or your child are dissatisfied in any way with your child’s present academic situation in another school, please call us immediately. I will be more than happy to talk to you about this and explain in detail why Cortona Academy and its students have been so successful for the past 28 years. Our greatest joy is in making a difference in lives and in seeing how students learn, grow, and become more mature individuals socially and intellectually. What inspires me most are the parents and our staff, who care so deeply about others. At Cortona Academy we support one another, and in turn support our students by providing a safe haven for them while encouraging confidence, self-esteem, and individual motivation.

As you read more about our academic institution, you’ll discover that we’re unlike any other education on the East Coast, including public, private, or home schools. Our staff is also unlike any other. We are professionals as well as teachers, but most importantly we are humanitarians whose ultimate goal is to change the way your child is educated. For more than two decades we have succeeded in doing so, student by student. Your family can be a part of this excitement.

In these very difficult economic times, you have to make wise financial, educational decisions.and think “outside the box,” because your child is most likely an “outside the box” student. Your child deserves the best education for the best value: Cortona Academy. Come visit our school today.



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Sharon Peruzzi Strauchs


Cortona Academy