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Parents in McLean know the struggles of raising children in the Northern Virginia area. There is a great deal of pressure on young children to succeed academically, and it is not often that their outside interests are fostered when academics reign supreme. But what are parents to do during the summer? Do they focus solely on academics, maybe causing their child to hate school, enrolling them in a pressure-cooker camp? Or do they enlist their child in a summer program which offers fun, and maybe lose out on reinforcing their child’s academics during the summer months? On top of that, sometimes what you want and what your child wants are on different ends of the spectrum. Cortona Academy’s summer camp strives to take out the stress and make sure students are learning in a happy and exciting environment. We combine academics with social and outdoor activities. The goal of the summer program at Cortona is to help students prepare for life – not just the school year or college.

Cortona Academy works to bring together both needs and wants. Our summer program offers students the ability to use the latest in 3-D printing technology to help bring their ideas to life. We also have created a project-based, wearable electronics program, one of the few on the East Coast. We fuse this technology with encouraging the basics of learning == reading, writing, and math. We help our summer campers become well-rounded students, all of whom also have the use of our $250,000 lab, giving to summer campers the opportunity to reinforce academics with technology, so they are ready for the upcoming school year. For instance, why not 3D print the character of your favorite book? Or, why not 3D print your math formulas? THIS is what inspires learning!

An example of one of our favorite activities from recent years was when McLean students from Cortona Academy built an underwater robot to help save the coral reefs by removing an invasive species of starfish. They then joined Cortona’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) class to display the underwater robot at the 2016 USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, D.C. The Connection Newspaper (2016) reported on the project. “’We created a robot meant to save coral reefs by attacking the invasive species harming it,’ said Araba Dadzie.” She then told how the drom was designed to find the invasive Crown of Thorns starfish and inject it with a natural solution.” .

Cortona’s summer program gives both parents and students in the McLean area what they truly want from their summer: an exciting, educational venue where students don’t lose brain power while having fun. We are more than willing to accommodate the often hectic schedules of McLean families in order to provide group and/or private tours of our wonderful, 14,000 square foot facility. An on-site visit would also include the opportunity to meet with Cortona Academy’s Director, Sharon Perruzi Strauchs, as well as Cortona professors, who are experts in their respective fields and who actually teach at the summer camp! Ask yourself: “How many PhDs are teaching at summer camps in the DC Metro Area, PhDs who are very used to teaching teenagers?”

To take advantage of this unique opportunity, please feel free to call us at 703-464-0034 or fill-out the online Contact Form found at the top of our website’s index. Know for a certainty that Cortona Academy has the dedication and desire to meet more McLean parents in order to be given the opportunity to work with children who may not be with us during the school year, but could benefit from a focused, individualized Cortona Academy summer of life-changing experiences.

Cortona’s community could not express more how much we value the opportunity to meet with you, even if just for the short, 2018 Summer Camp. We, too, hope it will be just as valuable an opportunity for you, too.

Please see our website for summer program information, as well as for registration details, and we hope to see your sons and daughters this summer!


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