How We Help

Northern VA Hi-Tech High SchoolChildren might not be as focused on their futures as they should be, but Cortona Academy is! For the past twenty-five years, our graduates have been extraordinarily well-prepared for their subsequent academic and life challenges, from college preparedness to career planning. Our programs are designed with a high emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education along with Humanities and Classical Education.

With that, you might be thinking, “What I’ve heard about STEM education is that it is extremely rigorous.” Not at Cortona Academy. Even though they have fabulous courses and great, great teachers, at Cortona students do not take absurdly difficult tests (as many similarly-based institutions require), nor do they have an inordinate amount of homework. Instead, “easy-does-it” teachers are readily available to help with each child’s academic concerns, and their parent’s concerns. Children’s individual learning potentials are what our teachers focus on most acutely in conferring to them subject information. All this means no more debilitating, unbearable stress for your child, when attending Cortona Academy.

Moreover, at Cortona Academy we focus on the child, NOT such labels from “gifted and talented” to “suffers from learning disabilities” and other phrases that attempt to define children and, often, pre-define their futures! By using our specialized HTS-3, dedicated (now famous) learning systems, most of our students attend college without labels. They can do this because our systems help unlock the academic potential within each child. For instance, there are no attention or focusing issues when your children are playing video games, right? We applied this concept to helping them focus, organize, and pass tests, without unbearable amounts of tedious homework.

Thus, even our STEM and Humanities courses are taught in a non-pressure environment, with the emphasis on study skills, open communication with their teachers who often become their mentors as they forming bonds eventually guiding our students toward great success. The success that Cortona students have had, and will have, is further cemented by our nationally-accredited curriculum. Because of twenty-five years of being educational leaders, few educational concerns in the country can boast of such success of their graduates.