High-Tech Study Skills Workshop

Gain Study Skills, Stay on Task, and Get Organized

Struggling Students becoming Powerful Students becoming Great Students

In today’s high-tech world we need to help our students learn to work with the technology they have, not have it work against them. In something as simple as their smart phone is a plethora of helpful things that can keep them on task, help them study, keep their schedule, and help them set goals. Before setting off for college, or even hitting the higher grades in high school, all students must learn how to write a formal research paper. From research, to outlines, to proper bibliographic information, it can all be quite overwhelming.

This AMAZING course at Cortona Academy will demystify the process and help students feel confident in their writing abilities.

Sample of topics covered:

  1. Using note taking software to help your child study.
  2. Highlighting skills and techniques that help reading comprehension.
  3. Organizational tools.
  4. How to form study groups.
  5. Smart phones as a tool, not a hindrance.
  6. Using technology to help set reminders and reach goals.
  7. Study skills. Study skills. It’s not who is smart, it’s all about who knows how to study…SMART!
  8. How to keep a calendar – keeping your time organized.
  9. How to organize a formal paper.
  10. Research tips and secrets.
  11. How to cite references and keep track of sources.

High-Tech Study & Organizational Systems (HTS-3), Easy Note-taking & Paper Writing (Minimum of 10 Students)

Dates: Week(s) of TBD

Times: Monday – Thursday, 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Price: $650.00

CORTONA ACADEMY, 13505 Dulles Technology Drive, #3. Herndon, VA 20171

www.CortonaLearning.com 703-464-0034