High School for the Gifted – Herndon

Herndon High School for the Gifted

TutoringCortona Academy is different from ANY public or private school, because those of us who work and teach here are different. We are all highly-experienced, kind, acclaimed educators CHOOSING to work on the 7th – 12th grade levels, holding PhD’s and at least Master’s and only teach in our respective subject fields. Indeed, who is teaching your child is absolutely as important as WHAT the child is being taught. Additionally, Cortona Academy is owned and operated by proud educators who, since 1992, have been here for one reason and one reason only – to save educations, and thereby, save lives. Our twenty-five year history of boosting ALL our students to unimaginable heights is absolute PROOF that we are changing the face of American education, calmly, effectively, and respectfully. Insuring that your child is happy here and academically thriving is our commitment, as we provide outstanding courses and teachers that will challenge students’ minds, but in a relaxed, non-threatening environment.

Cortona Academy strongly disagrees with the intense amount of pressure put on students to amass as many A.P. and GT courses on their transcripts, in the HOPE of graduating with a descent class standing. This cut-throat, competitive atmosphere, we believe, is not at all conducive to positive self=esteem or healthy emotional growth. Instead of stressing students, we teach and inspire them, without the threat of grades hanging over their heads. There is no failure here, just a team of brilliant, hardworking teachers meeting students every, single day helping them reach their individual potentials. No on-line courses here! Face-to-face interaction with an actual teacher on a daily basis, who actually teaches, rather than assigning endless projects and reports, forms the supportive, secure base for growth and potential.

Additionally, Cortona is a place where there are no surprises. Everyone knows, every day precisely what the homework is, generally months in advance. There are no “surprise assignments” keeping Cortona students awake all night to meet unplanned deadlines. When the work is done, that’s it…relax with the family. This frees parents to travel with their children at any time, opens up internship opportunities, and provides for emergency or illness absences. Such flexibility also means choice for students who wish to do two years in one, make-up time lost or re-do poor grades. If students need remediation or desire to move ahead and add advanced classes, parents can hire our teachers for on-site, Oxford-like, one-on-one courses. “No surprises” also includes constant communication with parents and students who have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to grades.

Moreover, at Cortona Academy, your child is not labeled as a “freshman,” “sophomore,” and so on; it means that that students advance to higher levels when ready. It is truly the kindness and laid-back attitudes of truly brilliant, caring teachers that make this possible for every, single student. To do this, Cortona offers courses created from nationally-accredited curriculums, taught by those who teach students according the each of their uniquely differentiated learning styles. Unlike ALL other educational institutions, the student’s family actually works directly with the Cortona staff to craft the precise mixture of classes that facilitate short-and long-term high school and college goals. This is why, “What is your dream?” is the very first question asked of every parent and student, at the first interview.

Finally, we are the ONLY educational institution of its kind that stays on the forefront of American education by fusing Classical Education into the Modern World. We invest heavily in both state-of-the-art technology for future college success, as well as provide a solid, Humanities, Performing and Fine Arts education. In these ways, Cortona Academy holds a standard for greatness in its unparalleled commitment to preparing your child for a real world future.

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