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Herndon parents are faced with the same question every summer. What do you do with your child? They have worked hard all school year to learn their subjects and build upon the foundations of learning that they have had since they started school. You have tried to foster them and help them, and you want summer to be a time where they can maybe relax a little. But you also understand that in the competitive D.C metro area that they should be engaged during the summer in activities that both help foster their academic growth and are exciting and new. Cortona Academy’s summer program offers students a chance to have both. We couple new and exciting technology-based projects with reinforcing academics. We foster your child’s artistic nature, enabling them to create using the newest in 3-D printing technology and wearable electronics, while still focusing on building reading, writing, and math skills. We want your child to create, using STEM-based projects to help them bring their creations to life. We know that Herndon parents want to encourage their child growing into well rounded students and adults, and our summer program has the same goal! Let us lead your child into the exciting world of technology, and show them how fun academics can be. Let them dream, and let them learn! Please see our website for our summer program offerings and sign-up information.     Full Terms & Conditions here. Terms, conditions, camp schedules & fees subject to change.

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