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Living outside of the Nation’s Capital, in the Fairfax area, means that your child has the opportunity to experience things that many children in other parts of the country will never get to see. The large majority of this exploring and learning will be done during your child’s school year. Most likely, during the school year, field trips, online exploration, and virtual trips will make sure your child is constantly engaged and learning.

But what is a parent to do when the school year ends and it’s summer? With the majority of Northern Virginia parents working, many will turn to summer camp, and their summer camp choices need to be tailored to their child while still remaining educational and exciting. Indeed, when there is no emphasis on continuing reading, writing, and math during summers, many students actually enter school in September, not remembering concepts taught the previous school year. This is totally unnecessary, if your child experiences Cortona’s Summer Camp

One of the things that Cortona Academy offers is a chance for your child to experience technology that many children will never get to see. Because during the school year we have a full-time program and a quarter of a million dollar lab, during summers we open this up to your child! We work with the latest in 3-D printing technology, the exciting field of wearable electronics, while still encouraging and fostering creativity and an understanding of math and English reading and writing skills. Our summer camp program is designed to help students discover new and interesting things, and encourage their exploration into technology and design. We want to help your child become a well-rounded student who not only gets to experience some amazing things at our summer camp, but who also gets to reinforce some basics of learning as it applies to our creative technology program.

Unlike other STEM-based camps, Cortona Academy couples technology with art, writing with design, and math with hands-on activities and 3D printing! For the competitive and often over-worked student in the Fairfax area, our summer camp is an exciting chance to try something new while relaxing. We want your child to be both intellectually stimulated and to experience the joy of seeing new technology create the things they can only imagine in their wildest dreams.

We absolutely love to talk with parents and students, and show them our amazing facility. Please feel free to call us and indeed, we will “roll out the red carpet.” We LOVE our summers, because we adore meeting and working with children that are not with us during the school year, and having the incredible opportunity to have an impact upon their lives…if only for a short time. But that time is precious to us, and we all hope it will be just as precious to you.

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