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Parents across the country face a dilemma, what to do with their child over the summer when all parents recognize the need to reinforce academics. Arlington parents can feel at a loss about which camp or academic summer program to choose for their child. A parent knows by the end of the school year what academic subject their child needs the most help in, and in the Metro D.C, area, academics are “king.” Whether or not parents agree with the stringent academics required and the competitive nature in all our schools, the reality is that during summers, a HUGE amount of improvement can be made in a fun and stress-free manner. Sometimes a camp looks good on the outside, but if you don’t do your research, you could be entering your child into a pressure-cooker situation that leaves the child in a stressed state. It’s important for parents to consider summer options carefully so that the summer is fruitful and carries forward to the school year a happy, competent child. Parents need to focus on steps that can help them navigate the multitude of choices of summer camps.

One choice is Cortona Academy’s summer camp which melds STEM, arts, and academics into a creative environment in which students can grow and thrive. We work hard to offer students a place where they feel they have the ability to be creative, learn new skills, and reinforce the academics that they have worked hard on during the school year. A child’s summer should not be wasted, but it should also be fun. Your child needs to be exposed to new things.

Because Cortona Academy has been in existence for 26 years and has a full-time, permanent staff that also works with summer camp students, your child can be ASSURED the best, most-experienced “summer camp counselors” in the DC Metro Area. Additionally, because we have a quarter of a million dollar lab that your child will use during summer camp, you can know that this will be a summer experience with a long-lasting impact on your child. For instance, our use of the latest in 3-D print technology, as well as projects which highlight the exciting field of wearable electronics, give summer campers in the Arlington area the chance to create things they may never have imagined. And, while still giving them the chance of focusing on the building blocks of learning, such as reading, writing and math, our technology is APPLIED to these subjects! (Write a story, then 3D print the character, or the setting! Do math, then 3D print the formula! The world is your child’s oyster!)

Cortona’s camp hopes to help your child become a well-rounded student, who isn’t afraid of creating and thinking outside the box.

Now in our tenth camp year, we can boast of hundreds of children in grades 4 through 8th who will never forget this experience, and whose grateful parents thank us for our staff, program, and long-term impact our summer camp has made on their child.

Please click side buttons for sign-up information, as well as for courses descriptions. Call us right away with any questions. We LOVE to talk and meet with parents.

Have a wonderful summer!

Cordially, Sharon Strauchs, Cortona Academy Director


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