100% College Admissions

Cortona Students: College Admissions & Building a Future

Northern VA College Prep High School At Cortona Academy, we tailor our approach for each student in order to position them for acceptance into the nation’s best institutions of higher learning. By focusing on individual strengths, we can help our students navigate the lengthy and difficult admissions process. Since our academic programs focus on the most attractive qualities desired by colleges and universities, we find that students are not only ready for college upon acceptance, but are attractive candidates.

Standing out is difficult, and our students have the opportunity to highlight not only their own strengths, but their hobbies, dreams, and ambitions. We believe that young adults can narrow their focus toward subjects that inspire them. By inculcating in them an ambition to pursue an academic focus that will inform their professional development, Cortona educators not only lay the foundation for a successful collegiate future, they give students direction in their lives.

Our curriculum includes STEM, as well as the arts. Technology is ubiquitous on all college campuses, and our students receive exceptional instruction that empowers them to leverage computer skills, programs, and proficiency in a way that keeps them ahead of the curve. Science and Math are also primary focuses of our curriculum, and standardized test scores benefit strongly from our programs. College admissions boards consider more than just test scores and GPAs, and our Arts & Language programs help us create well-rounded young men and women. For more information, please contact us today by phone or email, and we will set a time for you to come view our cutting edge facility!